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A Short History of Wine in Niagara

A Short History of Wine in Niagara The history of wine in Niagara is short measured by the time scale of the wine world, which is in centuries.  Its history has been the most interesting starting in the 1970s and 1980s.  It transformed from producing low quality wine using native Labrusca grapes such as Concord to hybrids like Marechal Foch,…

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Summer Wines

With the heat kicking in, the lighter, fresher wines that can be served cooler are more appealing. Our food and where we eat shifts as well; we eat more light foods like salads and we dine outdoors more often. Light to medium bodied sparkling, reds, roses and whites are more attractive to drink alone or to pair with dinner while sitting out in the sun.

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Our weekend wine this week… Cabernet Sauvignon is just about the perfect BBQ red.  It has enough structure to stand up to full flavoured food off the grill and still enough refreshing acidity that your palate enjoys every sip. 

Sugar in Red Wine?

Is there sugar in red wine?  It’s an interesting subject and the short answer is yes, but let me give you the background to the question.  A few weeks ago some friends were having a conversation about calories and sugar in wine, particularly red wine, since they were looking to lose some COVID pounds.  Most felt red wine was the…

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